Reference Letters

Dear Guardian Angel-

I wanted to write a quick note to thank you for your wonderful service. The sitters you provided (Teresa and Briar on 3/6 and Janet and Lisa on 3/9) were top-notch. My wife and our friends w/ children felt very comfortable leaving our little ones in their hands while we enjoyed some "adult-time" skiing. My eldest tends to have separation anxiety w/sitters at home but he took to both sets of sitters and was begging them to stay longer upon our return!

Your gear rental was also superb! All of the equipment was very clean, safe and delivered on time.

Thanks again for making our vacation a GREAT time!

Best Regards,

Tony & Melissa J.

Hi, I just wanted to send a note saying how thoroughly pleased we were with your service, and in particular with Karen, the sitter you provided for us. She was Sweet, caring, responsible, interactive with the kids and fun to be with. She was always on time and the kids loved her. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you and have a fantastic New Year.


Michael R.


A thank you for your service. Our recent visit went very well. Alisa was absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much! I've told the people at NuSkin for future reference that your service was wonderful, and any out of town skeptics should jump in and obtain your services.

Joe, J.P.


I wanted to thank you for providing babysitting services through Guardian Angels. My wife and I have only left our two children with my parents and a close family friend. This was our first experience leaving our precious jewels with strangers. We were very nervous about the whole thing but are very happy we took the plunge. We had Lori, Kristin and Jessiana taking care of our kids and we loved them all. After exchanging a few minutes of words with them we felt very comfortable. You obviously take time and care in choosing your Angels. When we left Houston for Park City, I told my wife that I was not expecting to do much skiing or anything else because our trip would evolve around our two babies. Well, we had got to visit nice restaurants and I even got in many runs down the slopes.

Thank you for making our trip a memorable one.

Dan and Viviana C.

Dear Carol,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you provided during our stay in Park City last week. It was so convenient to find the pack and play, crib, monitor and sleds waiting for us in the house as we arrived. I hope that you were able to pick the items up without any problem.

Kind regards,

Kirsten L.

To Whom It May Concern:

Guardian Angel has been a member of the Park City Chamber/Bureau since 1993.

Carol Passey has proven, time and again, that attention to customer service is very important to her. Although I have received many inquiries about her business, I have never received a complaint. Each time I give a reference to someone, I ask that they call me back if they have any problems. No one has ever called me back about Carol except to tell me how wonderful her business performs. It is refreshing to find someone so dedicated to quality business operations as well as superb customer service that there is never a problem.

Carol seems to have an ability to know what is needed and provides service that is beyond the expectations of the clients - I'll bet the kids have fun too!

The company’s rental gear is new and well maintained. The babysitters come with age appropriate materials and are well trained. Carol will now provide a shopping service too! All this should keep her busy and I have every confidence in Carol that she will run all of these businesses expertly.


Margie C.

Membership Director


Just wanted to write a quick note and tell you how pleased we have been with the service that we received from Guardian Angel. We had a group of 5 families that vacationed in Deer Valley back in March and we had a great vacation because we knew that our babies were very well taken care of by the 2 babysitters that you sent. If we come back next year, we will make sure to contact you again.

Thanks and all the best,


To Whom it May Concern,

I have been using Heather and several other girls from Guardian Angel Sitting Service for quite a while. They have been the best sitters I have ever used. They are wonderful with the children and I feel very comfortable leaving my children with them. These ladies bring fun toys, crafts, and games for the children. It makes for a great time for the sitter and the kids. I truly think that this adds to the appeal of these girls. I like the idea that they are interacting with my children instead of letting them sit in front of the television the whole time I am away. Being able to keep a child occupied is a great talent. Since I have been using Guardian Angels, my son has asked several times when they are going to come see him. I find this is the best compliment they could be given. So, if you are having any second thoughts about using these girls, don't. They are the best sitters I have ever used.


Jennifer S.

To Whom it May Concern,

When I moved to Salt Lake City recently with my husband and baby, we availed ourselves of Guardian Angels, a babysitting service, out of necessity. We didn't know anyone in Salt Lake and had nowhere else to turn to, so we found Guardian Angels in the yellow pages. Like any concerned mother, I was worried about leaving my baby with a stranger, but I was reassured that the sitters are bonded and trained, and I didn't have any other options. My worries were quickly erased, and now I turn to Guardian Angels for our routine babysitting needs. The sitters always arrive several minutes before the arranged time and are warm and friendly with our baby. They make him their one priority and play with him on the floor in between diapers and feedings. (Before we moved, I had tried a couple of sitters and they seemed more concerned with watching our videos and snacking - when we called home, we could hear David crying in the background.) Now I come home to a happy, well cared for baby, and it means I can relax when I have to be away from him. That's important! I would recommend Guardian Angels to other visitors and newcomers to SLC, or anyone who needs a reliable sitter. With Guardian Angels I've had several different sitters, and I've always been pleased.


Debra F.

Hug yourselves all over, please! I LOVE THIS SERVICE! You guys do amazing work. Thank you so much for making this trip my favorite of all time! I look forward to it all year.

To arrive and find our new home really feeling like home, thanks to you, means not a moment need to be wasted before the good times begin to roll!


Carol aka Head Angel-

You and your angels are awesome. We used you last year and were so impressed with your service and what a great job our angel did shopping for us and putting everything in it's place at our condo. We're looking forward to another great year.

Joy J.